Revitalizing Leisure: Tooele County’s $39 Million Upgrade at Deseret Peak Complex

Mar 15, 2024 | News

Tooele County is ushering in a new era of recreation and community enrichment by leading a $39 million enhancement project at the Deseret Peak Complex. This transformative initiative underscores the county’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional public spaces for residents and visitors, making it a significant investment in our community.

Financial Logic: No Tax Increase for Residents

The funding for these much-needed improvements showcases Tooele County’s prudent financial approach. A sum of $19 million will be drawn from reserves funds, while the remaining $20 million will be financed through bonds paid with Parks and Recreation impact fees and tourism taxes. Importantly, residents can rest assured that this project will not result in any tax increase.

A Visionary Master Plan Unveiled

The comprehensive master plan for the Deseret Peak Complex introduces a multitude of upgrades designed to elevate both the facility and its surrounding property. Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come:

  • Aquatic Oasis: Energy Solutions Aquatic Center Reconstruction
    The center of the project, the Energy Solutions Aquatic Center, will undergo a comprehensive reconstruction. With two distinct pools—a leisure pool and a lap pool—enhanced with state-of-the-art amenities, this promises to be an unparalleled water activity experience.
  • Playtime Extravaganza: Largest Destination Playground
    A focal highlight of the enhancement project is the creation of the largest destination playground in the valley. Packed with exhilarating features such as zip lines, multiple swings, and ADA-accessible components, this playground is poised to become a community favorite.
  • Green Spaces Galore: Spacious Grass Area for Events
    A vast grass area will be introduced, providing a scenic backdrop for festivals and large-scale events such as Country Fan Fest and Night Lights.
  • Sports Haven: Six New Multipurpose Fields
    Sports fanatics will rejoice with adding six new multipurpose fields, accommodating activities from football to soccer, rugby, and more. These fields will feature both natural grass and artificial turf.
  • Equestrian Excellence: Upgraded Livestock Stalls and Seating
    Responding to the growing demand for equestrian and agricultural events, the project includes the relocation of 200 livestock stalls with upgraded stall barns. Additionally, there will be expanded outdoor venue seating to accommodate more spectators.
  • Stay and Play: Expanded RV Hookups
    For those seeking an exciting outdoor experience, the upgrade includes 70 RV hookups, enhancing the complex’s overnight stay capacity.
  • Versatile Venues: Improved Pavilion and Convention Space
    Improvements to the existing pavilion and convention space aim to elevate comfort and functionality for various events.
  • Connectivity and Accessibility: New Walking Path and Mid-Valley Trail Link
    A new walking path will encircle the entire complex, eventually connecting to the popular Mid-Valley trail. This fosters accessibility and promotes outdoor activities for visitors.

Phased Implementation for Uninterrupted Enjoyment

To minimize disruptions, these enhancements will be implemented across several phases, ensuring a consistently high level of appeal for all patrons throughout the project’s duration.

County Manager Andy Welch expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Deseret Peak is a crucial element of our community, and we’re committed to its continued enhancement. These upgrades will transform our recreational facilities and elevate Deseret Peak to a top-tier destination within Tooele County.”

As construction commences, the community eagerly anticipates the transformation of Deseret Peak Complex into a premier recreational hub, welcoming residents, and visitors to enjoy a new era of leisure and entertainment. Join us on this exciting journey as we revitalize the heart of Tooele County!