Deseret Peak Complex

The Complex offers a diverse array of events and entertainment options. As the Complex continues to grow, it solidifies its reputation as a mecca for recreation and historical exploration, ensuring that each visit is filled with memorable experiences.

Benson Grist Mill

Today, the mill serves not just as a relic of the past but as an educational resource, beckoning visitors to learn about the county’s rich heritage.

Aquatic Center

The Aquatic Center welcomes everyone. Whether you’re looking to share a splash-filled day with your family or engage in a vigorous lap workout, our center is the go-to destination.


Whether you’re an avid hiker or looking for a easy family friendly hike, Tooele County Canyons are all within easy reach, you’ll never run out of new sights to discover.


Enjoy the peace and quiet of nature while camping or set out on a leisurely hike to soak up the picturesque scenery nestled in the heart of Tooele County.

Tooele County Fair

Get ready to create lasting memories with loved ones in the heart of Tooele County – where fun intertwines with tradition and community spirit.